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On 19th June 2018 library meeting was conducted at 12.00 pm in the library. The agenda of the meeting were

  • To read previous meeting minutes. 

  • To form new library committee

  • To discuss library’s rules and regulation

  • On 22nd June 2018 at 12.00 pm library meeting was conducted and following points were discussed.

  • New committee was formed as follows

    • Mrs. PARAB SWAPNA                    - MEMBER

    • Miss. VAISHALI CHOWDARY         - MEMBER          

    • PROF. MILIND A. KHADSE             - SECRETARY

  • Library rules and regulation like issue and return of books and increase space of reading room

  • New syllabus TYBCOM and TYBMS were informed to all staff members and how to manage syllabus was discussed

  • Meeting was adjourned with vote of thanks by PROF. NITIN KASHIVALE

  • On 10th October 2018 library meeting was held to discuss issue and return rules for students and staff and increase space for reading room.

  • On 15th October 2018 library committee celebrated Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM’S birth anniversary as ‘VACHAN PRERNA DIN’. On this occasion the chairman of library committee Principal Sir address to Dr. APJ KALAM’S contribution to our nation.

  • On 17th January 2019 at 12.30 pm library committee meeting was held and in the meeting procurement of new books as per the revised syllabus of TYBCOM Sem VI were discussed. The secretary of library committee has shown a statement of new purchase book. The committee also discussed about E- Library. The chairman of the committee Principal Sir has guided about digital library. Further, committee was given permission to print journal subscription.

Our library has a rich collection of books on several subjects related to the Management, Commerce and Hospitality Studies. At present the library has more than 35,800 books & 70 Journals/Magazines and 11 Newspapers in English, Hindi & Marathi Languages. Besides books & Journals the library has 195 CDs/DVDs & Charts and audio-visual aids to enhance the learning process of the students. Students have open access to these resources as well as the reading hall is available during library working hours


All classrooms in the institute have a capacity for seating 60 students for BMS and 120 students for B.Com.  Classrooms are designed for learning such that long hours of comfortable teaching and interactive sessions can be endured. We also have Digital Classrooms in keeping with the requirements of ICT training.


Seminar Hall / Conference Room

Seminar hall / Conference hall are equipped with state-of-the-art LCD projectors, laptops & multimedia facilities suitable for guest lectures, seminars & workshops. It has a capacity to accommodate an audience of 240 at a time.

seminar hall/ con hall

IT Center

We have IT center with desktop computers and all required facilities, connected to local area network with the latest licensed software, to make learning an enjoyable experience. 

Counselling centre

Counselling Center

Staff dedicated to the Counselling center provide a complete approach towards wellness of the student including their physical and mental health. The counselor is available during regular hours of college to ensure that students get the support they need as easily and frequently as it is needed.

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