Mr. Urooj Ahmad Ansari

Assistant Professor

M. Sc. (Mathematics), B. Ed.

Mr. Urooj Ahmad Ansari highly experienced for teaching 'Business Mathematics', 'Mathematical and Statistical Technique'. His innovative teaching techniques and pragmatic ideas of teaching has enthralled learners making very complicated stuffs easy juicy. His tips and techniques for teaching Mathematics proves effective for learners, that is viability and credibility of achieving highest satisfactory results in the most mind blogging subject like mathematics and the open teaching policy, discussion, suggestion given by the faculty is highly encouraged and appreciated by trust and management of Swayam Siddhi Mitra Sangh's Degree College.

Miss. Shivani Singh 

Assistant Professor


It is matter of pride for every individual to express his/her views regarding teaching pedagogy and classroom management activity. Being dedicated skillful   and experienced propels to prove multidimensional performing ability. Swayam Siddhi Mitra Sangh Degree College has excelled in providing and nurturing young learners and transforms them with potential learners for tomorrow. I am Shivani Singh very glad to opine that Swayam Siddhi Mitra Sangh Degree College has provided a platform to share my knowledge and experience with a evolving leaders of tomorrow.

Miss. Bhavana M Khairnar

Swaym Siddhi Mitra Sangh’s Day Degree College has dynamic and distinguish teaching faculty in the name of Miss. Bhavana M Khairnar, MMS [ Finance],MCom [Management] with 10years of experience.

Mastering teaching attitude and conceptualizing the context of teaching, whereby, reaches out to each and every learner. This is a speciality of her teaching .it is admissible fact that Finance and general management subjects have become comparatively advantageous considering current economic situation.

Being mastered in finance and management education, it becomes equally important as a lecturer to diagnose the grey areas or perhaps problems encounters by learner and accordingly provides solution. Never the less she have been teaching with innovative techniques and methods that makes learning simple and easy.

Mr. Yogesh Pawar

Asst. Professor (Administrative Head), NET, SET.

Ph.D Pursuing

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce myself as Asst. Prof in Swayam Siddhi Day Degree College.

Being a professor and teaching subjects like Financial Accounting since last 7 years, I feel that students should be well equipped with knowledge of Accountancy and Practical experience. Today we see that the more knowledge we gather, the oceans of opportunities are waiting for us.

We at Swayam Siddhi College provide platform to learner’s theoretical as well as practical exposures. It is the factor of reliability and teaching credibility of the professors that understudies passed out have proven their skills in competitive environment.

Asst. Prof. Nausheen Parkar

MA [Economics], M.Ed

PhD (pursing)


I have been teaching at Swayam Siddhi Mitra Sangh’s Degree College since 2015, served at various educational institutes in the surrounding vicinity altogether for 15 years. My passion to teach Business Economics has enshrined with upgrading quality of teaching and perpetual gaining. The same is experienced by my learners in Degree College. I feel proud to be a faculty of Swayam Siddhi Degree College and deeply committed to provide high quality education and assist with superior instructional attitude.

Beside these I am also a certified Coach for Career Growth and Wellbeing. I coach teachers, students to improve their performance and develop their skills. It is commendable for me to admit the fact that Swayam Siddhi Degree College has nurtured not only undergraduate students but also teaching faculty, so that at any juncture teaching fraternity can teach learners in modernized way.

Asst. Prof. Nitin Kashivale

MBA (Marketing)

B.SC (Microbiology)

Heading the BMS department serving at SSMSDC for the last 6 years in the capacity of Assistant Professor for BMS and overall 9 years of teaching experience with various reputed colleges in Bhiwandi vicinity. Being a professional Degree holder MBA in Marketing and (Microbiology) I observed students from the very close quarter of my eyes. The SSMSDC has made one thing conspicious that is to impart education to the students by understanding mind and absorbing capacity. I must mention that it is the exotic and open policy education which has not been witnessed anywhere else.


The Compass of my Knowledge and experience in the field of Management subjects like Logistics, Production and total quality management, Business planning and Media planning has given Modest Contribution to the Institution and to students.




The world is changing drastically and dynamically in current scenario where pragmetic and blended learning is always preferred. As an Assistant Lecturer for business communication and Foundation course at senior degree level experienced  differently with institution across Bhiwandi region. Honestly expressing I Mrs SHALINI SINGH M.COM,MA,B.E.D never before experienced the same the trust has Primarly focused on creating dynamic and vibrant educational culture for understudies.

I must say whole heartedly that the unique and specific technique methods adopted is benefiting hugely to the students of Swayam Siddhi Mitra Sangh’s Day Degree College .

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