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Today's youth is lively and creative. They are keen observers and enthusiastic towards doing innovative things specially related to the digital world and are also updated with new trends of the market and this needs to be channelized in right direction. They are intrigued by the realistic world and should not  be restricted to books and classrooms.
We at Swayan Siddhi Degree College govern by CA Suresh Jain, provide platform with diverse opportunities to the students which help them to demonstrate their abilities, talents and professional potential.
With regard to the students’ overall development, we provide internship opportunities, conduct various workshops and seminars, and signed MoU for industry academia linkage. With our unique initiative of Corporate Guest Lecture series, we strive to instill professional values in students by inviting experts from various fields who contribute to make students skilled and capable of facing the industry.
In addition to this, Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities through NSS, DLLE, Student council etc. which help them to identify the needs and problems of the society and also develop their social and emotional quotient.
Team of Swayam Siddhi Mitra Sangh’s Degree College constantly strives for holistic development of the students.

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