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One of the pioneers of education in Bhiwandi city, Swayam Siddi Educational Campus has been emerging as a role model institution ever since its establishment in the year 2009. Focused on the holistic development of its students, Swayam Siddi Educational Campus aims to recognize talent and creativity; as also to encourage originality and innovation in them.


As Principal, I have had the opportunity to ensure continuous growth in these areas and upholding the vision and mission of this college by prioritizing skill-based learning and entrepreneurial development alongside value-based education. The college makes continuous efforts to provide students with both, theoretical and practical knowledge.


An educational institution aims to provide progressive education to students, and has a fundamental obligation to partake in the development of the society and the nation. Swayam Siddi Educational Campus leaves no stone upturned to ensure the same - a symbiotic bond between the management, teachers and students, through quality education and established values.


Our college promotes inclusive learning and is a fine example of the same, with students of all backgrounds coming to study in the same campus. I would like to acknowledge the dedicated efforts of all faculty members, non-teaching staff, alumni and parents, who have together helped make this institution an abode of inclusive learning. Our institution of higher learning, among others, thus tries its best to make higher education available, accessible and affordable.


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